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Terms & Conditions

We have received many complaints regarding scam, fraud, spam, and porn on the site. We have been closely monitoring and suspending members who are sending spams, Scams and porn through Bpo Planet. If you have recieved any such thing through Bpo Planet, kindly send a mail to info@BpoPlanet.com and it will be handled accordingly.

BpoPlanet is in no way responsible for the dealings that you do from this forum. Bpo Planet has never charged any Call Centers any fees by whatever name, and people have used Bpo Planet's name to collect upfront, we repeatedly mention that we are a 2 man company and we dont have any other partners and we never charge centers anything, not even the royalty. Bpo Planet will not be responsible for any payments made to anyone on our name.

We decided to put these terms in writing on the website and to send it all existing members, so that we can keep Bpo Planet clean.

Following are some the guidelines to help you make Bpo Planet a cleaner place

1. Posting of Porn or nudity is strictly prohibited.

2. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

3. Posting of illegal campaigns is strictly prohibited.

4. Commenting or stating that people are fraud without specific documentation is strictly prohibited.

5. To post Inbound Campaigns, free emails cant be used, official email address is mandatory and postal address needs to be mentioned in the post. 

Some of the suggestions while you transact business on this forum:
1. You receive an offer that sounds too good to be true, it may not be valid.
2. Avoid paying upfront for projects or campaigns.
3. If you still decide to pay: Know the person you're sending money to.
a. Discontinue any transaction if someone asks you to pay via Western Union or asks to deposit money into their account. This is a sure sign of fraud.
b. Try and meet the consultant and obtain references if you are suspicious of an offer.
c. If the respondent calls you from an international number, it does not necessarily mean the caller is calling from the number listed. For instance, a US based numbered caller may actually be in India or Phillipines.
4. Large companies generally deal with businesses directly rather than through brokers.
5. Please do not post “flame” comments about other members. Bpo Planet does not allow unsubstantiated claims, which can be considered as slander to be posted. We do not allow Vendettas or Character assassination. Please resolve conflicts off the site.

Please enjoy the site while treating one another with respect.

Thank you so much!

Bpo Planet


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