In India we have seen trends of Technically skilled people trying for a job in the United States and at the same time we have seen a lot of hardworking and business-oriented communities from India also trying to shift base to USA.


With changing times, we are now seeing a lot of young Tech-Entrepreneurs looking at keeping their base in India and starting their business in America. It’s a growing trend of “Business Company Registration” in USA. We have received a lot of question in this regard like


  • How do we do a USA Company Registration ?
  • Is it possible for Company Registration in the United States of America for non-residents?
  • How do I do Business Name Registration in USA?


I find all these questions as one. Yes, we can register a company in the USA for non-resident Americans. But to start that process we need to understand a few things. What is the main purpose of the company? What will be the main operations ? Which state rules will suite my company the most ? What type of company do I start?


These are the questions that our experts have been answering to hundreds of our followers. As every state in America has different Tax Slabs and Rules also state wise Licence are also different in the United States. Our team of experts will understand your requirements and advice you on a Case-to-case basis about the suitable company format (LLC or ‘C’ Corp or ‘S’ Corp).  We will also get you your Tax ID (EIN), and assist you in getting you your bank account in the USA.8877034283?profile=RESIZE_710x

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