I am proud to announce that I now have 16 different campaigns available

As a Business Development Officer, I do have a royalty base of 10% charge on all processes, and I do ask for a deposit of 100$ CAD to start all processes (non-voice has security deposit with a client, not J.B.S.)

All of my fee's and charges are transparent and I pride myself on only bringing the best processes

I offer access to my private Network of Registered Service Providers, that comes with the following benefits

1. Your business will have access to all the process and service requests J.B.S. currently has
2. J.B.S. works full time to find the process or service request you need, consider me your FULL-TIME B.D.O.
3. Your business will get updates on all new process and service requests weekly
4. J.B.S. presents to you each process or service request with full transparency, no hidden charges OR fees
5. J.B.S. presents you with higher quality processes for your business at below average royalty fee's
6. All services you provide in collaboration with J.B.S. will be INSURED AND PAYMENT WILL BE GUARANTEED! (insurance conditions apply)

the current processes I have are as follows

1. Canadian auto finance

2. USA mca and business loans

3. Non-voice data processing (security deposit for first pay cycle required)

4. Direct TV Hot Key transfer

5. GoMarketin sales 

6. Online Bus. Directory Sales

7. Online Bus. Directory Sales Avatar

8. USA Timeshare

9. USA reverse mortgage

10. USA cc machine appointment setting 

11. DME Cpl live transfer, (pay per brace)

12. USA energy, amigo, Xoom, and UER 

13. UK boiler, lead gen, aptmnt setting, and sales all available

14. UK energy survey, and or sales 

if you wish to know more about any process I am promoting, please email me at joe@joebservices.com

or add me on skype, my ID is live:joseph_6213

please inform me where you saw my list and what your interest is

Thank you and may you all have a great day!

Sincerely Joseph Blackstock  (J.B.S.)

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  • Call me for big bang sales Cell +919990606919
  • How do we get Non voice/ survey process ? Can you please send some information regarding to sign up with you ?
  • I am the manager of Xprez info solution Pvt. Ltd (US based company), service center in India too and we are specializing in the BPO industry. We have a pool of talented employees with excellent record in sales, inbound and leads generation, and we would like to offer you our services. Though our company has been running since last 16 year, we have high ambitions for it and we are looking for clients with whom we can maintain long term relations with. Our employees have worked with some of the biggest BPO companies in the USA and Canada are equipped to deal with any type of work we take up.

    As we have more than 15 Years of BPO experience and ran successful campaigns for various telecom companies in usa and canada.We did various Local Long distance outbound campaigns ,Health care campaign -Doctor by Phone services , Debt Consolidation Campaign ,Lead generation campaigns for Solar Power. and do provide the Digital Marketing to grow Company's business.

    We are currently involved in generating sales for our clients in the US and have been having a good deal of success in our campaign. I understand that you are looking for someone to provide you a Support and I assure you that our company will give you the results that you desire. Please let me know if you are interested in working with us.
  • hi mate
    We are okay for royalty, not for upfront. So if that suits you, kindly send us the details of the campaign. priority is non voice..

    Skype:- datta4office1
  • Looking for Non Voice Process
  • We have a very good VoIP Rates for Australia, USA , UK and Canada, Please find the rates below:
    Australia Landline - 0.0088 usd 1/1
    Australia Mobile - 0.0242 usd 1/1
    USA - 0.0035 USD 1/1
    UK - 0.004 USD 1/1
    CANADA - 0.0027 USD 1/1
    • do you provide reseller as well. kindly contact me

      Skype:- datta4office1
  • Hi ,i have a call centre in melbourne australia,have you got campains for australia,i will be waiting for your reply phone is 0416661743 Hakan Tuna Ausstralian Credits
    • hi mate if you have ABN & locate at australia only. better to get some project from australia itself, rather than looking for project from other country or any 3rd party. I can guide you further...
      Skype:- datta4office1
  • titus.samuel@orionstechnologies.com
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